The kingdom of EnSear was the most powerful kingdom of Gaia. The kingdom was said to have a massive powerful military and a very powerful king.

That was 1,000 years ago. The kingdom now lies in ruins. A war around 1,000 years ago left the kingdom torn into nothingness.

The 3 other major kingdoms were said to have formed an alliance to bring down EnSear.

What caused the war? Some say it was the greed of the king of EnSear, who issued a warning to the other 3 kingdoms to give up part of their land or face the might of the EnSearian Military. Others claim it was all due to a powerful necromancer who was raising an army of the dead right under the nose of the king of EnSear, causing the rest of the 3 kingdoms to come together to destroy the global threat.

Whatever the case, no one knows for sure, around 900 years ago Doonnoth destroyed all documented history of the war. After the war they became the military might of the world. The king issued a warning to the other 2 kingdoms to destroy all documentation of the war, the very survival of the world depended on it. Reluctantly everyone did so.

Most of the land surrounding the main city of EnSear was claimed by Doonnoth. The ruins of EnSear was considered off limits to everyone.

Now, Doonnoth is dealing with political infighting and riots. The leadership and military have been putting down rebellions left and right. With Doonnoth distracted, Shree sent scholars to EnSear to find out the truth of what happened and to gather what they could bring back. If they brought back enough evidence of wealth, Shree would send troops to loot it.

EnSear: Fated

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