EnSear: Fated

Session 1: The Barbarian, The Theif, And The Fighter

A Chance Meeting Or Fate?

Our adventure begins in the small village of Venderhime. A man walks into the local tavern and nails the new quests and news postings on the wall. The man is followed by the eyes of a thief.

The thief says nothing but watches the man walk out. Taking a gulp of the ale in his mug the thief gets up to take a look at the board where the posts have been made. He notices a few quests mentioning a high reward for anyone able to help in the search for a expedition team that has not returned.

Another man walks into the bar. His arm is gone and he seems to bare the look of a man who knows his way around a forge. He sits down at the bar and orders a stiff brew of Mead, and keeps to himself.

Finally a third man walks into the tavern, not looking for trouble but willing to solve an issue with his battle axe if an issue does present itself. The man is a barbarian, one of his eyes, his left, is covered with a patch made of iron.

These three strangers are about to find themselves on an epic quest. Is this merely a chance meeting? Or could it be fate?



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