EnSear: Fated

Session 1: The Barbarian, The Theif, And The Fighter

Quests: A Choice is Made

A shady man sits in the corner of the tavern, eying the pockets of the blacksmith. As the blacksmith walks over to the posted quests to see what the thief is looking at, the shady man makes his way towards him. The Barbarian just sits at the bar drinking.

Blacksmith “What’s the newest post say?”

Thief “It seems there are several new posts today…”

The Post Reads:

A Milk Farms Troubles: A milk delivery must be made! The problem? Someone or something is intercepting the milk carts!! Only thing left after a raid on a delivery cart are the empty milk bottles upon discovery! We have lost seven deliveries in the last four weeks!! Adventurers wanted to help find what has happened to the milk deliveries! We can talk rewards once you come speak to me.

Signed Martin O’mally of O’mally Farms
(Ask bar keep for details)

Help wanted, need strong men for a quest to check on the progress of Shree scholars. Dangerous. Wealth offered to those willing to risk their lives. 3,000 gold reward, and one priceless object. To accept this quest speak with the Minister of Knowledge in Shree.

Signed Minister Nolan of Shree
(Talk to Minster Nolan in Shree)

A local small time thief has been stealing things, if you see anything suspicious apprehend the suspect and call for a guard.

Signed Vinderhime Guard Corps
(Speak with guard if you find the thief)

The blacksmith turns to the thief and suggests making an alliance to speak to Minster Nolan in Shree. They properly introduce themselves.

Blacksmith “I am Wilhelm Vulcan, and you?”

Thief “I’m Arch (placeholder)”

They make their way to the bar to discuss further business transactions and partnership details. Once some of the details are agreed upon and the conversation ends, the shady man in the corner of the tavern makes his way up the bar and begins to speak with Wilhelm just making polite conversation.

As the man finishes his mug of ale, he gets up from his seat. Arch notices something gleaming in his pocket and confronts the man about taking something from his new found ally.

The shady man reveals he is a fellow thief and gets into a fight with both Arch and Wilhelm. The shady man is no match for Arch and Wilhelm. Arch questions the amateur thief. As it turns out, the thief owed money to a crime lord. Details about the crime lord were kept secret.

As Arch and Wilhelm were about to escort the thief to the guards, the barbarian spoke up and introduced himself. OdinRa, the barbarian grabbed the post on the wall and said he would take the thief to the guards if they wanted as well as join them in questing.

After a moment both Arch and Wilhelm agreed and the 3 men escorted the thief to the guard who had just walked in. The guard sitting at the bar



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